Prospective Investor

For 43 years, TimeCapital has provided clients with the balance and direction they require. We develop individualized investment strategies for clients, grounded in our assessment of overall domestic and global market conditions and tailored to an individual investor’s:

  • Time horizon

  • Current and projected objectives

  • Tolerance for market risk and fluctuation

  • Tax status

We provide fee-based investment management, and offer a variety of account options for investors, including:

Individual and joint accounts
Retirement accounts
Retirement and profit-sharing plans for businesses
Our minimum account size is $100,000.

Resources to Keep Investors Informed

TimeCapital offers a variety of resources designed to help clients monitor their portfolio and remain abreast of market developments. These resources include:

  • NetExchange Client®, which provides 24/7 online access to account balances, portfolio holdings, cost basis details and other valuable account information

  • An in-depth quarterly market review

  • Periodic perspective on market conditions from TimeCapital’s investment advisory team

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