TimeCapital provides clients with an individualized investment strategy that reflects our analysis of overall economic/market conditions, as well as our assessment of other key factors, including a client’s:

  • Time horizon 

  • Current and projected objectives 

  • Tolerance for market risk and fluctuation 

  • Tax status 

We are committed to investment diversification, both as a strategy for managing and reducing risk, and for capturing the demonstrated long-term performance benefits of sound asset allocation. 

Drawing on research and our 35 years of experience managing investor portfolios, we identify asset classes appropriate for an individual client, as well as sectors and individual securities that we believe offer a favorable risk/reward profile and strong long-term growth prospects. Our client portfolios typically encompass a wide range of assets, including: 

  • Equities 

  • Fixed-income vehicles 

  • Convertible securities 

  • Preferred stock 

  • Master limited partnerships 

  • Cash/cash equivalents 

  • Hedge Funds